Flitsmeister receives Early Warning when motorists approach an arrow warning trailer

Forewarned is forearmed

Do you receive a warning from your navigation device when you approach a (temporary) roadblock? It’s now possible with the Flitsmeister application.

EBO van Weel in cooperation with Vermeulen Groep and Flister created a smart connection between its traffic systems that transmits the location of a roadblock within just one minute. This location is received by approaching motorists that use Flitsmeister.

Flister Flitsmeister applied onto a VMS-trailer

Flister is known for its Early Warning Data from ambulances, road supervisors and police. From now on, the arrow warning trailers and truck mounted attenuators will also transmit Early Warning Data.

EBO van Weel collects all data through Traffic Fleet and shares this data with Flister/Flitsmeister, commissioned by the owner of the traffic system.

Vermeulen Groep first to test Early Warning through Flitsmeister

Vermeulen Groep, as the performing party for Incident Management of Rijkswaterstaat, is the first in the Netherlands equip its arrow warning trailer and truck mounted attenuators with Flister. Flister is able to transmit a warning to approaching motorists, who receive this warning through the Flitsmeister application.

Early Warning Data not only enhances the safety of motorists, but also of road workers, who daily work on the highways.

Rijkswaterstaat now also uses this system for its road inspector vehicles.

A photo of a successful practical test.

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