Truck bodies

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    #1 Personal service

    Buying an EBO van Weel truck body means that you're in charge of the design. We turn your ideas into a feasible product.

  • #2 Proven quality

    A warranty of 5 years on our refrigerated box bodies, because we don't doubt its quality. No worries about everything working properly and the endurance of our box bodies.

  • #3 Collaboration with Isobox Srl

    Italian refrigerated truck bodies are praised for their quality.

Custom-made truck bodies: everything is possible

A truck body is generally used in a company specific way. EBO van Weel closely involves its customers in the design process of the truck body. For heating, cooling and freezing installations a fitting scheme is developed, adapted to the cargoes being transported. The loading plans, the layout of the compartments and the use of double floors can also be arranged at the customer’s request.

Refrigerated truck bodies

EBO van Weel specialises in the design and production of refrigerated truck bodies (also known as conditioned truck bodies). The refrigerated truck bodies can be used for both freezing, cooling and heated transport. We involve our customers in our design process to make sure all wishes are fulfilled. During our production process, sustainable and high quality parts are used.

Dry freight truck bodies

The dry freight truck bodies are completely manufactured by EBO van Weel. This starts with the construction of the auxiliary frame on the chassis. The chassis is equipped with a tailboard, substructure boxes (plastic or stainless steel) and underrun protection. The floor can be made of concrete plywood, hardwood or polyester depending on the type of freight that is going to be transported. Subsequently, a plywood superstructure is assembled, in which our customers can add optional functionalities like side doors.