Establishment by A. van Weel

A. van Weel is the company founder and started from a garage abut his house in 1963. Since the start EBO van Weel is driven by innovation, which has resulted in the introduction of many state of the art products.


Production of our first tandem axle trailer

After the production of multipe single axle trailers EBO van Weel’s first expansion of its product porfolio was a tandem axle trailer.


Production of our first bogie trailer

EBO van Weel was one of the first companies of the Netherlands to build a four wheeled bogie trailer, an excellent combination of turnability and loading capacity.


Development of our first tipping trailer

EBO van Weel was one of the first to develop a tipping trailer. The RDW (Dutch Vehicle Authority) came to see and test our prototype.


Opening of our location: Binnenbaan 32 at Rhoon

After a large fire at the garage abut the house, EBO van Weel was compelled to relocate to keep the production going. Therefore, a nearby plot of land was bought to construct a new production facility. During the construction of the new building EBO van Weel’s production activities temporarily continued in an industrial building in the polder.


Production of our 12 ton bodywork with air brakes

The 12 ton bodywork with air brakes was introduced as a lighter alternative to the 20 ton trailers. Characteristic to this bodywork is the low loading height, which resulted in increased volumes and heights of loading that could be transported at once.


Development of our first traffic warning trailer

It used to be forbidden by law to park a stationary object on the road. However, after six months of testing at the Brouwersdam our traffic warning trailers were the first to be approved by Rijkswaterstaat to be used for road cordons. Two years later the law was changed.
The development of the traffic warning trailer was one of the key moments in the history of EBO van Weel and furthermore started the Dutch market for mobile traffic systems.


Development of our first arrow warning trailer

Shortly after the success of our emergency lane trailer our first arrow warning trailer was developed. This trailer is used to drive off motorists during roadworks on e.g. the national roads.


Start of the production of flower trailers

With world’s largest flower auction in the Westland the market for cut flowers grew significantly during the 70s and 80s. At the same time the demand for flower trailers grew. Growers use the flower trailer to transport their flowers to the auction.


Development of the first combination trailer of the Netherlands

The combination trailer makes it simple to transport and place two emergency lane trailers at the same time.


Opening of our second location: Kleidijk 96 at Rhoon

EBO van Weel wasn’t able to grow its production capacity any further at its current location and therefore it extended to a second location nearby of 2.500 squared metres.


Development of our first conditioned truck combinations

Our customers grew and trailers became less sufficient. Thanks to our new and larger production facility we were able to meet our customers’ requests and start producing truck combinations. This was the start of what is currently our Truck Bodies division, an important department of EBO van Weel.


Collaboration with F.lli Martini Srl, a manufacturer of conditioned trucks

Italian conditioned trucks are famous for their quality. F.lli Martini Srl distinguished itself with excellent finishing, both constructively and visibly. By collaborating with F.lli Martini Srl, EBO van Weel was able to increase its production of truck combinations significantly.


Development of the first Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) of the Netherlands

EBO van Weel was the first to introduce a TMA: our TMA-01 with an attenuator for crashes up to 70 km/h. A TMA is developed to drive off motorists during roadworks or incident management and decreases the chance of fatal accidents when collided with.


Development of the first VMS-trailer of the Netherlands

The request for traffic information grew and EBO van Weel adapted to this request by developing our first VMS-trailer with an amber LED display.


Development of our first full-colour VMS-trailer

Using a full-colour LED display EBO van Weel was able to display an extended variety of traffic information, which resulted in an increased deployability.


Development of our Autodrip

The Dutch national and regional authorities requested safer work conditions for their road inspectors during roadworks. EBO van Weel’s solution is the Autodrip: a vehicle mounted VMS that is elevated from the back of the pickup and informs the motorists.


Development of our Bermdrip

Our Bermdrip adapts to the request for permanent traffic information for motorists.


Development of our arrow warning trailer solar

Thanks to the progress in the development of solar panels EBO van Weel was able to redesign its arrow warning trailer, replacing the diesel generator with solar panels to charge the batteries. In doing so the arrow warning trailer became a stand-alone that can be used throughout the year, using solar energy as fuel.


Development of the first mobile roadside DRIP of the Netherlands

EBO van Weel has redesigned its Bermdrip into a mobile version in collaboration with Tekstkar.nl. Our mobile Bermdrip has excellent visibility because of its height and can be transported with up to eight Bermdrips per trailer-truck.
Tekstkar.nl was highly content with our mobile Bermdrip and ordered no less than 46 of them. Next to displaying traffic information Tekstkar.nl uses the mobile Bermdrip to manage and inform crowds during events.


Opening of our new location: Achterdijk 49 at Rhoon

In May 2012 EBO van Weel abandons its former production facilities for one newly built large production facility, where all production facilities will take place. The new facility enables EBO van Weel to grow even further as an expert in truck bodies, trailers and traffic systems.


Development of the first climate-neutral full-colour display trailer of Europe

EBO van Weel started a new generation of its full-colour display trailers in collaboration with LED display manufacturer Swarco. Swarco displays save 87% in energy management compared to conventional displays. Because of this EBO van Weel was able to also make our VMS-trailer a solar-powered stand-alone, being the first in Europe.
The technique and Swarco displays are currently used in all display trailers.


The start of our online application Traffic Fleet

Display trailers used to be controlled from nearby with a laptop using user-unfriendly software. This struggle made EBO van Weel develop Traffic Fleet, an user-friendly and innovative online application to manage display trailers from greater distance.


EBO van Weel renews its corporate indentity

After almost 50 years our original corporate identity was renewed, capturing our core values of progress and innovation. Our new corporate identity received a lot of positive response.


EBO van Weel takes controlling interest in Isobox Srl.

Taking controlling interest in Isobox Srl enables EBO van Weel to improve and develop our truck bodies according to the wishes of our customers. Because of this partnership EBO van Weel repositions itself in the market of truck bodies.


50th anniversary of EBO van Weel

We are happy to pronounce that our company now exist 50 years. And their by our 50th anniversary, we hope to keep growing a lot the next few years.

50th anniversary of EBO van Weel

Development of our manageable VMS-trailer VW 1350 HB for urban areas

With the VW 1350 HB EBO van Weel adapted to the increased need for traffic information in urban areas. The VW 1350 HB is a lightweight and small sized VMS-trailer that runs on solar energy and is connected to Traffic Fleet.


Development of our renewed Autodrip 2.0 equipped with Smart Mobility functionalities

The Dutch national and regional authorities had invested a lot of money in the development of the first Autodrip in 2006. Ten years later an updated version was due, to eliminate the flaws of the first batch, making the system safer and implementing new technologies.
EBO van Weel developed its successor: the Autodrip 2.0, where all functionalities can be controlled from an ergonomic control panel inside the pickup or by e.g. a tablet and which is connected to the traffic management centre and Flister.


Traffic Fleet 2.0: renewed design and Smart Mobility implementation

After five years of improvements in the first version of Traffic Fleet an evolution happened in 2017: Traffic Fleet 2.0 was released.
Traffic Fleet 2.0 has a renewed user interface and includes innovative functionalities like real-time travel time based on Floating Cardata, and connections to the traffic management centre and Flister.
Since this moment, Traffic Fleet 2.0 is part of a new division of EBO van Weel: Traffic Software. Within this division a variety of applications is developed.


TMS-trailer VW 750: developed for the urban areas and international markets

A new model solar TMS-trailer VW 750 developed for cities, municipalities and the international market.

TMS-trailor VW 750: developed for the urban area and international markets

DAKDRIP 3.0: the best visibility for the new generation of road inspection vehicles

Better visible thanks to the large 360° rotatable LED display and Smart Mobility solutions

Roof mounted vehicles as new generation Road inspection vehicles for Rijkswaterstaat and Provincies