Traffic Systems

Traffic systems: innovative products for the safest work zone

  • CO2 neutral

    A unique set-up of solar panels, batteries and LED display.

  • Very long stand-alone time

    The unique lens technology of the Swarco LED display guarantees a very long stand-alone time.

  • Online product management

    In Traffic Fleet, your online management system manages all your traffic systems.

Products that make road works safer

EBO van Weel is a producer of innovative traffic systems that have proven themselves with regard to durability and quality. The products offer the possibility to guarantee road safety during projects and to keep the traffic flow as optimal as possible.

  • 58 years of experience
  • 32 professionals on the job
  • Active in 11 countries
  • 360 solar panels on our roof

You can count on us for service and repairs

After you purchase a product from EBO van Weel, you want to be assured of a reliable and good service, service that makes you happy.

With more than 8,000 parts in stock and highly skilled staff, we can help you deliver the right traffic systems parts or repairs to traffic systems.