Compact VMS-trailers for urban areas

A VMS-trailer specifically made for urban areas

Fero Signalisatie is a fast-growing Belgian company that specializes in the provision of a complete package of traffic management.

Fero Signalisatie has obtained extensive projects in Antwerp and Brussels. The roadworks will take place on the ring road as well as in urban areas. In order to be able to handle these projects Fero deemed it necessary to expand their trailer fleet with new VMS-trailers.

As an expansion of its trailer fleet Fero acquired thrity of our VW 1350 HB VMS-trailers, because of their compactness and functionalities. The VMS-trailers are equipped with solar panels and 96 x 80 pixels full-colour LED displays, which are larger than the usual 80 x 80 pixels displays.

Thirty full-colour VMS-trailers for Fero Signalisation with full-colour 96x80 pixels LED display Fero has reached its 50th EBO van Weel VMS-trailer.


These VW 1350 HB VMS-trailers are delivered with the following specifications:

  • 96 x 80 pixels Swarco LED display
  • Collapsible overrun brake
  • Convertible batteries
  • Four 200 Wp solar panels
  • Four synthetic outrigger pads
  • One spare wheel

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