Autodrip – vehicle mounted VMS

Our vehicle mounted VMS, also known as Autodrip, is a variable-message sign (VMS) that is mounted to a vehicle of road supervisors. Its main objective is to inform, warn and advise motorists during calamities on the provincial roads and highways in a safe way. Our Autodrip is produced according to the specifications of Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch national infrastructure and environment agency).

Increase safety during incident management

When a sudden traffic incident happens a road supervisor will be the first to re-organise the traffic. Nevertheless, incident management is mostly done with simple traffic cones and barriers, which do not inform approaching motorists in advance and could therefore cause dangerous situations.

EBO van Weel aims to increase the level of safety for both the motorists and the road supervisors. Therefore, the vehicle mounted VMS enables the road supervisor to avoid hazardous circumstances by making a traffic incident visible from 500 metres in advance. Informed by a full-colour display with animated traffic signs and text, approaching motorists will be warned beforehand.

Increase the safety of approaching motorists and road supervisors during incident management

Solution 1: all functionalities controlled with one application within 100 metres of the vehicle

For safety reasons it is absolutely necessary for road supervisors to leave their vehicle as soon as they arrive at a traffic accident. With this in mind, EBO van Weel developed the Autodrip app, which is available for IOS, Android and Windows tablets and can control all functions of the Autodrip like the emergency beacons, lift-unit and LED display within 10 seconds. This is possible within 100 metres of the vehicle. Therefore, with this app it is not necessary for the road supervisors to be in their vehicle, which significantly decreases the chance of a collision with a road supervisor.

Control your VMS with a tablet and Traffic Fleet application

Solution 2: motorists are warned beforehand

A vehicle mounted VMS will usually be depreciated within 10 years. Meanwhile, significant changes will take place with reference to Smart Mobility. Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication will be introduced to the motorists. Vehicles will communicate mutually, but also with traffic control systems.

The on-board computer of our vehicle mounted VMS is prepared for future integration of data exchange with other motorists’ on-board computers, traffic control systems and the traffic management centre. This is a matter of a single software update.

Smart mobility applications such as Road Works Warning (RWW) and Early Warnings

Connected to the traffic management centre – a real-time overview of the road supervisors

Via Traffic Fleet (our online fleet management system) a secured connection can be set up with the traffic management centre. This makes it able to control the complete fleet of vehicle mounted VMS’s in real-time. Actual status information and potential errors are detected and reported.

Moreover, the availability of the road supervisor can be indicated with the tablet. This enables the traffic management centre to be informed about the current activities of their road supervisors.

Autodrip - Vehicle mounted VMS road supervisors are connected with the traffic control centers

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Available options

  • On-board control panel assembly by EBO van Weel
  • Larger 80 x 80 pixels LED display
  • Amber LED emergency beacons, 360 degrees view
  • LK mounting set for 3.5 cm high roof mounting
  • One GO112 Touch Screen panel, 4.5 inch foot mounting
  • Connection with traffic management centre


Electric system

12 Volt
1 piece
Power batteries
20 Ah
Battery charger
Through vehicle

Electrical lift-unit

Display lift
276 Watt


Swarco Futurit
96 x 40 pixels (80 x 80 pixels optionally)
24 Volts
90 Watts

Other components

Wi-Fi range
Approx. 100 metres
Traffic Fleet tablet application (optionally online Traffic Fleet)
Emergency beacons
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