VMS-trailer solar – VW 1800 S

Mobile cordons can be used at night since July 2012. Before, mobile cordons were only allowed on the roads when the traffic flow was low and during daylight. Due to the increasing traffic flow roadworks could not be finished during the day and therefore accumulated. Mobile cordons are a solution for this issue, since these can be used at night on roads without lane signaling.

Unique LED display: improved readability and saving 87% in energy consumption

The VW 1800 S is delivered with a full-colour LED display, which is made in collaboration with the Austrian company Swarco Futurit and has been designed with the latest technology and is in accordance with  NEN-EN 12966.

The LED display has got an unique lens technology, which focuses the light and therefore is only readable from determined distances. Furthermore, the LED pixels that are not in use do not consume energy, which results in an energy reduction of 87% compared to conventional LED displays.

Large VMS-sign trailer with 80x160 pixels Swarco VMS sign

Using solar power during the night

Thanks to a highly energy efficient LED display and solar panels the VW 1800 S is able to operate climate-neutral during the night. The solar panels that are connected to a battery pack, which creates an energy reserve during the day for prolonged use during the night. Thanks to this, costs for fuel, maintenance and transportation are reduced.

Make your carbon footprint green with the EBO van Weel VMS-trailer

Produced in accordance with CE and EC regulations

Our VW 1800 S is completely produced in accordance with EC regulations and therefore received a EC type approval for the axles and suspension, which makes it possible to apply for a registration number in all European countries. Furthermore, does the VW 1700 S have a CE marking, which ensures that this VMS-trailer complies with all relevant European legal requirements.

VMS-trailer applies to the ECE approval and CE-marking

Traffic Fleet: simple, accessible and efficient

For online control and management of your trailer fleet, EBO van Weel offers an online internet application, which is completely developed in-house. We enable you to manage your complete trailer fleet online via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Traffic Fleet enables your traffic systems various Smart Mobility Applications

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Available options

  • Available in all RAL colours
  • Two-tone spray painting
  • Three solar panels including solar charger
  • LED trailer lighting
  • Three portable rumble strips
  • One spare wheel
  • Four synthetic outrigger pads
  • Page selector for local control of the LED display



4.770 mm
1.770 mm
Height transport mode
1.150 mm
Height operational mode
4.030 mm


Net weight
1.830 KG
Technically permissible maximum masses
1.900 KG
Technically permissible maximum static mass on the coupling point
100 KG

Axles and suspension

2x WAP - WAG 135B 1.350 KG
WAP 24 / 35.1 – 2.000 KG
Drum brakes
Tires wheelcombination

Electric system

24 Volt
4 pieces (standard semi-traction)
Power batteries
4x 230 Ah (standard)
Battery charger
230 Volt / 70 A
Solar panels
3 pieces
Maximum power solar panels
200 Wp


12 Volt (standard) - LED optional
Connection with the car
13-pole plug (standard)

Hydraulic system

Support legs
4 pieces (double-acting)
Jockey wheel
1 piece (double-acting)
Upper frame
Hydraulically lifted
Emergency control
Two valves located on the hydro unit
Hydro unit
2.000 Watt
Hydraulic oil
Tellus 15

Upper frame

Class 3 according to your local specifications

LED display

Swarco Futurit
160 x 80 pixels
24 Volt
470 Watt

Other components

Storage space portable rumble strips
3 pieces (2000 x 225 x 30 mm)
Outrigger pads
4 pieces (400 x 400 x 40 mm)
Storage spare wheel
1 piece (175R14C)
Storage space cones
5 pieces with heavy foot
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