Road supervisors operate in a safer way with a vehicle mounted VMS

Fully controllable up to 100 metres from the road supervisor’s vehicle

The Provincie Zuid-Holland (Province of South Holland) acquired vehicle mounted VMS’s for 22 of their road supervisor’s vehicles. In collaboration with Marelko we developed the hassle-free link between GO112 and our Autodrip app. By using a Wi-Fi connection the position of and animation on the display and the emergency beacons can be controlled from a maximum distance of approximately 100 metres. This enables road supervisors to leave their vehicle at their arrival and make their way to a safe location nearby the vehicle.


These Autodrips are delivered with the following specifications:

  • 96 x 40 pixels full-colour Swarco LED display
  • Control app for tablet (available iOS, Android and Windows tablets)
  • GO112 for in-vehicle control
  • Electrical lift-unit

See the pictures here

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