Release Notes 3.16

Release Notes

Version 3.16, 26th of May, 2021
  • Rental

    During the rental period of a product, an error e-mail is now also sent to the tenant.

  • Map

    If no GPS location has been found for a while, the previous GPS location now remains active to keep the product being displayed on the map.

  • Notifications

    The notifications are now shown specifically only in Dutch or English; depending on the user's account settings.

  • Detail page

    The diagnostics module has been further expanded by adding an extra protocol.

  • AutoDrip

    The functionality for the AutoDrips has been tightened up so that the WIS status of these products remains up-to-date and that this status can be adjusted manually later on when necessary.

  • Animations

    A new display size '48x64 pixels' has been added to the list of supported displays.