Release Notes

Version 3.6, 7th of September, 2020
  • Product Details

    The Traffic Terminal column has been renamed to the new name 'Tracker'.

    The current and correct product status is now shown in the overview, regardless of the role of the user.

    The LED test can now be restarted at any time and will only display the current test results.

    A tenant with the role of operator or technician can now perform actions again on the selected product.

  • Traffic Sensor

    The processing of data from the Traffic Sensor has been improved.

  • Scenario

    Improvements have been made to the scenario module and the link with the traffic centers.

  • Login

    The user will now be redirected to the login page when the token has expired.

  • Web Browser

    Various error messages have been fixed in the Firefox browser.

  • Traffic Fleet API

    Uploading animations via the API has been optimized.

  • Icons

    All product icons are again correctly displayed in the overviews.