Release Notes

Version 3.9, 17th of November, 2020
  • Product Details

    The display of a standard icon for product types without display has been expanded.

    The status processing of the products of the AutoDrip type has been updated and improved.

    The button 'Run service' has been made available for several product types.

    The LED test administration in the logbook has been improved with respect to the comparison with the previous LED test performed.

    The currently displayed dynamic GPS position can be deleted again so that a new position can be retrieved.

    The repair request mail message now also supports the French and German language selection.

  • Animations

    The standby animation is now also supported for the newer Swarco displays.

    If an animation with multiple frames is changed and uploaded again, this animation will now be displayed correctly again on the virtual screen in Traffic Fleet on both the product detail page and on other overviews where the product is shown.

    If the connection for uploading the animation seems to be disrupted with a Swarco Display, this connection is now automatically stopped and re-established.

  • Support

    Links to Release Notes and Manuals have been added on the Help page