Travel time during work hours

Current traffic information for road users of the A29

The Haringvliet bridge on the A29 near Numansdorp is in need of major maintenance. The bridge deck is in very bad condition and needs to be replaced. Since 23 August 2021, additional traffic measures have been in place to limit wear and tear on the bridge deck. The maximum speed on the bridge has been reduced to 50 km/h and the lanes have been narrowed in both directions.

The extra traffic measures lead to heavy traffic jams for road users. On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat and its contractors, EBO van Weel was engaged to inform and advise road users. With the Traffic Fleet application, the current travel times are mapped and displayed on VMS-trailers in the Hoeksche Waard and Goeree-Overflakkee.

Automatic switching of detour routes during traffic jams

The VMS-trailers were deployed at important bottlenecks around the A29 and surrounding roads. Their purpose is to inform road users about current travel times. This makes it possible to choose an alternative route in good time in order to limit the nuisance.

The VMS-trailers are set up via the Traffic Fleet application. The current traffic information per route is obtained by means of Floating Car Data (FCD). In the context of dynamic traffic management, travel time information and automatic diversion routes can be programmed. If traffic gets stuck on a certain route, then on the basis of collected data, immediately switching with pre-programmed detour routes.

Real time travel time on VMS-trailer for roadworks A29