1x TMA 100K Truck mounted attenuator for Combinatie Wegwijsrent-BUKO

Truck mounted attenuator including open body

BUKO Infrasupport and Wegwijs as a combination of the deposits for the infrastructure project on the Ring South of Groningen. The project ensures that traffic flows more smoothly and that all destinations in the city are more easily accessible.

1x TMA Truck mounted attenuator for Combinatie Wegwijs-BUKO

The 100K Truck mounted attenuator is designed as action bot and has added many options:

  • LED arrow with 12 alternating lamps
  • 4x pieces of altering lamps orange (provincial lamps)
  • 2x semi-traction batteries
  • 4 x alternating lamps for the upper frame
  • 100K crash cushion, NCHRP-350 tested
  • Reversing camera / with display in cab
  • Towing device with type approval
  • Track & Trace via Traffic Fleet

We wish the combination BUKO – Wegwijsrent safe work during the deposits.

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