Truck mounted attenuator – TMA-02

A truck mounted attenuator (TMA) is used to establish an optimal and safe traffic situation for motorists and roadworkers. Thanks to a 100K attenuator, a work space is created, which ultimately results in an improved traffic flow. The TMA can be used on highways and regional roads.

Rapid low-cost repairs thanks to a modular structure

The chassis and 100K attenuator of our TMA are both modular. In case of a collision or damage, the repair costs are lower and the repair time is shorter compared to a fully welded chassis.

We have all parts available in stock and we can dispatch throughout Europe. Our 100K attenuator can be spray painted and dispatched within one workday. You can mount the attenuator independently on your TMA.

The 100K TMA crash cushion is easy repairable thanks to the modular structure Both the 100K attenuator and the chassis are modular.

TMA-02-A – A truck mounted attenuator with warning arrow

The upper frame of our TMA-02-A is completely constructed from galvanised aluminium. An warning arrow, with 12 alternating energy efficient LED lights, is mounted onto the upper frame.

Below this LED arrow an adjustable arrow traffic sign is mounted, which adjusts to the designated direction of the LED arrow. On the lower part of the frame a hydraulic pump unit and the batteries are mounted in lockable control boxes.

Truck mounted attenuator TMA-02-A

TMA-02-I – A truck mounted attenuator with LED display

An energy efficient ECO LED display from Swarco is mounted in the upper frame of our TMA-02-I. This enhances your visibility during roadworks.

Furthermore, the upper frame of our TMA has multiple functionalities e.g. different traffic signs, bespoke texts and the ability to switch rapidly.

Truck mounted attenuator TMA-02-I with LED-display

Produced in accordance with CE and NCHRP 350 regulations

Our 100K attenuator has been produced in accordance with the American NCHRP 350 regulations, which ensures that the TMA is safe in multiple worst-case crash scenarios. Furthermore, does our TMA have a CE marking, which ensures that it complies with all relevant European legal requirements.

In order to make the TMA more visible to motorists at night, it is possible to illuminate the TMA with multiple LED spotlights. For this we use a pneumatic LED lamppost.

Built according to CE-marking and NCHRP-350 TL-3

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Available options

  • Available in all RAL colours
  • Lamppost up to 5500 mm with two LED spotlights
  • Four alternating LED lights for enhanced visibility
  • Two additional 180 Ah batteries
  • Four LED spotlights on the upper frame
  • Two LED spotlights on the attenuator
  • Two LED spotlights for backing
  • Collision protection connected to the braking system of the truck. In case of a collision the parking brakes are activated.
  • Certified 3,500 KG tow bar including 12 Volt invertor for the lighting and 13-pole plug
  • Page selector for local control of the LED display



4.770 mm
2.412 mm
Height transport mode
1.150 mm
Height operational mode
4.030 mm


Net weight
1.830 KG
Technically permissible maximum masses
1.900 KG
Technically permissible maximum static mass on the coupling point
100 KG

Electric system

12 or 24 Volt
2 pieces (standard semi-traction)
Power batteries
2x 230 Ah (standard)
Battery charger
230 Volt / 40 A


12 or 24 Volt (standard) - LED
Connection with the car
13-pole plug (standard)

Hydraulic system

Attenuator up-and-down movement
Emergency control
Two valves located on the hydro unit
Hydro unit
2.000 Watt
Hydraulic oil
Tellus 15

Upper frame

Class 3 according to your local specifications
Sign below arrow
According to your local specifications

LED display

Swarco Futurit
Display resolution
80 x 80 pixels
24 Volt
195 Watt
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