VMS-trailer solar – VW 750

The population in the cities increases and so does the request for mobility. Therefore there is a increasing demand amongst traffic engineers for smart tools to manage the traffic during accidents, temporary diversions and events.

The compact size of the VW 750 in combination with Traffic Fleet make this VMS-trailer ideally suited to urban areas.

Why we developed the VW 750

The request for traffic information in the inner urban areas increases and so does the request for enhanced mobility. This challenged us to develop a new VMS-trailer to satisfy these requirements: the VW 750, which is

Display dynamic traffic information on your VMS-trailers

Traffic Fleet enhances the deployability of the VMS-trailer due to the availability of a wide range of up-to-date traffic information.

Traffic Fleet collects data from several sources, i.e. Floating Car Data (FCD), public transport, traffic control centres and other APIs, and makes this data available for dynamic animations.

With a few clicks in Traffic Fleet you can activate dynamic animations, displaying i.e. travel time information, the fastest route to a certain location, rail travel information or the availability of parking spots in a parking garage.

A LED display that is more efficient than your TV

The combination of a low energy demand and solar power is perfect for a carbon neutral VMS-trailer.

The LED display uses 40 Watt with 50% active pixels and 90% brightness. This is possible thanks to the Swarco Futurit LED display, which is in accordance with the NEN-EN 12966 an is CE certified.

No driving licence BE needed

The VW 750 weighs 710 kg and can therefore be driven with merely a driving licence B. The flooring of the bodywork acts as a sub-frame, which gives additional strength and stiffness. This enabled us to stay away from a traditional steel frame, therefore cutting down many kilos.

Every motorist with a driving licence B is allowed to attach the VW 750 to its tow bar and drive it around on the public roads.

Traffic Fleet: simple, accessible and efficient

For online control and management of your traffic equipment fleet, EBO van Weel offers an online internet application, which is completely developed in-house. We enable you to manage your complete trailer fleet online via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Traffic Fleet enables your traffic systems various Smart Mobility Applications

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Available options

  • Larger LED display – 112 x 40 pixels
  • Available in all RAL colours
  • LED trailer lighting
  • Two solar panels on the frame covers
  • Two additional solar panels on the back LED display
  • One spare wheel
  • Four synthetic outrigger pads



Total length
3.091 mm
1.485 mm
Height transport mode
1.865 mm
Height operational mode
2.954 mm


Net weight
710 KG
Technically permissible maximum masses
750 KG
Technically permissible maximum static mass on the coupling point
20 KG

Axles and suspension

1x WAP - WAG 135B 1.350KG
Unbraked / towing vehicle
Tires-wheel combination

Electric system

24 Volt
4 pieces (standard semi-traction)
Power batteries
4x 230 Ah (standard)
Battery charger
230 Volt / 40 A
Solar panels
4 pieces (optional)
Maximum power solar panels
354 Wp


12 Volt (standard) - LED optional
Connection with the car
13-pole plug (standard)

Hydraulic system

Support legs
4 pieces (manual)
Jockey wheel
1 piece (manual)
Display telescopic tube
Hydraulically lifted
Emergency control
Bypass located on the hydro unit
Hydro unit
800 Watt
Hydraulic oil
Tellus 15

LED display

Swarco Futurit
80 x 40 pixels (112 x 40 pixels optional)
24 Volt
80 Watt

Other components

Storage space portable rumble strips
3 pieces (2000 x 225 x 30 mm)
Outrigger pads
4 pieces (400 x 400 x 40 mm)
Storage spare wheel
1 piece
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