Dry freight bodies (plywood)

The dry freight body is mainly used for distribution. It is applicable to smaller vehicles up to 3,500 kg, but also to lorries and semi-trailers.

Our production process

Our dry freight truck bodies are completely manufactured by EBO van Weel. This starts with the construction of the auxiliary frame on the chassis. The chassis is equipped with a tailboard, substructure boxes (plastic or stainless steel) and underrun protection. The floor can be made of concrete plywood, hardwood or polyester depending on the type of freight that is going to be transported. Subsequently, a plywood superstructure is assembled, in which our customers can add optional functionalities like side doors.

Durable and ready for intense usage

We are a manufacturer of bodywork for parcel transport. Because parcel transport is characterised by a very intensive usage, the entire truck must have a strong construction.

The superstructure of our dry freight body is made of plywood panels, which are known for its longevity. Another benefit of a plywood superstructure is that the walls are seamless. Our dry freight body is standard finished with high-quality parts such as stainless steel fittings.

Custom-made products

Custom made interieur for the dry freight box bodies This is a mobile workshop, where we have included work desks as part of the interior.

We have a flexible way of working that ensures that the bodywork fully meets your requirements. During the design process of the superstructure all your ideas and wishes are elaborated on, which results in a customer-specific design. This to ensure that our dry freight bodies fully meet the wishes of our customers.

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