Second isolated body Paul Ponsonby UK

Chosen based on taut design

Second Isolated box body Paul Ponsomby UK

The second insulated bodywork is already operating in the UK for the transport company Paul Ponsonby Ltd. The contract involved the delivery of a body with a closed structure that is visually very refined.

The body will be used for various distribution transports.

Second Isolated box body Paul Ponsomby UK

Custom solutions processed

The Mercedes Actros is used intensively every day for national and international transports for the distribution market.

The insulated body is built on one on a Mercedes Actros and is executed as follows:

  • Insulated construction
  • Dhollandia rear-closing tailgate
  • Reversing camera
  • Stainless steel box for batteries

We wish Paul Ponsonby Ltd. many safe miles in the UK.

See the photos for the result