Super lorry for flower transportation

Quality, luxury and speed as a basis for their distribution network

Varia Vert focuses its distribution network for flowers and plants transport mainly on German-speaking countries. It mainly supplies specialist wholesalers, qualified gardeners and renowned garden architects.

For Varia Vert we have been able to realise an insulated flower transport super lorry. It uses a DAF XF as base and the trailer is produced by EBO van Weel. The LHV has the following utilities:

  • Trailer chassis EBO van Weel
  • Completely galvanised and spray painted
  • Eight stainless steel storage boxes
  • Two substructure stairs
  • Two Webasto heaters in truck
  • Through-loading system
  • Recessed locks in front and tail doors
  • Two side doors
  • Two Dhollandia substructure tailgates
  • Internal control of the tailgates
  • LED lighting for sales purposes (built-in in roof)
  • LED spotlights for backing

See the photos for the result