External system API

Traffic Fleet has an API platform, which can be used to connect external systems to enable data synchronisation. In this way, external organisations can manage and control traffic systems through their own applications. Important advantages of this are that it creates more serviceability for these external organisations and that hardware and software modifications in the traffic systems are not needed.

Achieve maximum operational capability of your traffic systems

By linking your traffic systems to external applications, you can achieve maximum operational capability of your traffic systems. You can use and lease your traffic systems for more practical purposes, e.g. linking it with the crowd management system of a city. During a large event in a city centre, information panels could be controlled completely automatically with messages about walking routes and calamities.

Mobile VMS used at SAIL Amsterdam through external connection with Traffic Fleet

Applications and software support the execution mobility plans. Thanks to contemporary techniques, there are many applications that can be used for this purpose. However, the disadvantage of having multiple applications is that this does not improve the serviceability for operators and traffic engineers that control the traffic.

By linking Traffic Fleet with external applications, traffic systems can be managed and controlled from a single system. The interface allows data exchange and enables commands and scenarios to be activated.

Connection with traffic management centre and external organisation through Traffic Fleet

No changes in hardware and software

Thanks to the connection between Traffic Fleet and external systems, no further modifications to the hardware and software of your products are required. In order to connect to such applications, changes were required in the gateway (hardware) and protocols (software). This resulted in increased installation and maintenance costs for the system owner. Thanks to the connection, the original hardware and software can be retained.

No hardware adjustments needed due to connection traffic systems with traffic management centre
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