Traffic management centre API

A traffic management centre of Rijkswaterstaat, provinces or cities is an important element in the mobility solutions. Until recently, the infrastructure of the traffic management centre consisted mainly of permanent traffic systems. However, currently it is also possible to include temporary mobile traffic systems in the infrastructure and control scenarios. This will give operators and traffic engineers more control over temporary traffic situations.

Better control over temporary traffic situations

Temporary traffic situations usually cause a lot of nuisance to motorists, especially in densely populated areas. A well-designed and controllable mobility plan is essential in these situations. However, temporary traffic situations are often poorly controllable for traffic engineers because they are managed and executed by the contractor. A major accident on a highway or traffic diversion through a city can cause a traffic jam.

Through the connection with the traffic management centre traffic commands and scenarios can be exchanged between the network management systems. This makes temporary traffic situation controllable for the traffic management centres.

BUKO Infrasupport arrow warning trailer at Weena in Rotterdam

No changes in hardware and software

Thanks to the connection between Traffic Fleet and other network management systems, no further modifications to the hardware and software of the system are required. In order to connect to such systems, changes were required in the gateway (hardware) and protocols (software). This resulted in increased installation and maintenance costs for the system owner. Thanks to the connection, the original hardware and software can be retained.

No hardware adjustments needed due to connection traffic systems with traffic management centre

Easy co-operation with control scenarios

Traffic engineers and operators of traffic management centres work continuously with predefined control scenarios. The connection makes it possible to program temporary traffic systems in such scenarios.

A product can be released to another application in Traffic Fleet for a certain period of time, which makes it visible in the infrastructure of the traffic management centre. During roadworks and incidents, operators can now immediately guide and adapt the scenarios to ensure an unobstructed traffic flow.

Permanent VMS at the Westerscheldetunnel connected with traffic management centre
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